As a parent of a blind or visually impaired child, you may feel alone as you navigate the many intricacies of taking care of your child, helping your child to learn in ways that are focused on embracing his or her potential. And don’t forget the importance of social skills, making friends, physical activities, and pursuing other interests such as music or sports or certain arts.

You are not alone!

There are many online forums for you to ask questions and seek the guidance of specialists and parents who have been on the same journey. This section of BCF’s website is designed to help you access the most widely known and credible parent forums. It may not be all inclusive but you can learn to navigate the internet, often with the help of your child’s early intervention learning specialist to find more parent forums. The TVI (teacher of visually impaired) may also have booklets or pamphlets that will help you to connect with other parent groups. For example, most states have a parent group forum that is accessible through the National Federation for the Blind in a pull down menu (see Resources below). Many schools for the blind also have parent forums. Some states also sponsor forums as part of their outreach activities.

As a parent of a visually impaired or blind child, BCF encourages you to connect with other parents. Participating in parent forums helps to develop a sense of shared experiences through networking with others; it is a way to share educational insights and news; and is a way to become involved in advocacy as needed.


Disclaimer: Please note that the websites and webpages shown below are not all inclusive of all websites containing this type of information. Always consult your child’s health care provider(s) and educators for additional reliable and accurate information.

  • American Foundation for the Blind (an educational, service and advocacy organization website):
  • National Association of Parents of Children with Visual Impairments (sponsored by Lighthouse Guild, a US not-for-profit healthcare organization devoted to addressing visual impairments)
  • Wonderbaby, a program of Perkins, also has several pages where you can connect with parents of other blind or visually impaired children. Look for “Parenting” or “Community” at the top of the webpage:

Social media websites:

  • has a large number of materials and low to no cost games available. Go to: and enter “blind child” or “visually impaired child”