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Fashion Sense Without the Sense of Sight

The mission of the Blind Children’s Fund is to encourage an early and supportive learning environment for children who are blind or visually impaired and to help promote their independence to reach their potential. We fulfill this mission by providing information and consulting services to parents, teachers, and other interested parties


By Cheryl Wade, BCF Consultant

I am totally blind and I love, love clothes! I get them everywhere. I have two closets full of clothes for every possible season and occasion. I buy them at Macy’s or Sears, a thrift shop or garage sale.Continue Reading Fashion Sense Without the Sense of Sight

“Center of the Universe” Syndrome


By Gwen Botting. MPVI article, July 2007, reprinted with permission of Michigan Parents of Visually Impaired Children

As parents, most of us remember how our babies took up all available space in our heads, hearts and homes. Infants know nothing more than that they have needs and they want them addressed and they want them addressed NOW. Babies are the Center of the Universe, and for good reason. During those precious early years, children learn to feel secure and loved. As we grow, we learn to decide who is mom and who is dad and what they do for ME. There might be other adults, children, or pets, but I am still the Center of the Universe.Continue Reading “Center of the Universe” Syndrome

“Blind” is Fine


By Cheryl Wade, BCF Consultant

I get a little nervous when a stranger walks up and asks, “Have you been, uh, sightless all your life?”Continue Reading “Blind” is Fine

“Disabled” vs. “Handicapped”


By Cheryl Wade, BCF consultant

I’m going way, way out on a limb by saying what I’m about to say. I’m about to (partially) defy current language trends and perhaps the sentiments of a whole movement.Continue Reading “Disabled” vs. “Handicapped”

Eye-Pressing: How One Family (almost) Won


By Gwen and Jim Botting. This article originally appeared in Family Connections. Used with permission of Michigan Parents of Visually Impaired and the Bottings.

As parents of a child with retinopathy of prematurity, we were very concerned about our son’s eye pressing behavior. This was a particular problem after the numerous surgeries that were required to remove scar tissue, and as he was under a year old, simply correcting him verbally wasn’t going to work. I can now say that Greg, who is 9, rarely presses. Several people have asked me how we got him to stop. While we can’t say he is totally “cured”, here is what we did. Maybe some of our ideas can help you.Continue Reading Eye-Pressing: How One Family (almost) Won


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